Modified Bitumen Membranes xPlants

Gentlemen, the intent of following proposal is to give an idea regarding a plant to produce modified bitumen membrane. As you will see, the study is brief and compact, enough to start to understand what a plant needs to run efficiently and correctly. Maybe something is expected or already learned during your research, but we think is better to repeat instead to forget. Years of experience around the world, from Japan to US, taughts us something is always misunderstood especially reguarding space and energy requirements.

The intent of this first exposition is to give you a general view and to check if we will be your partner in this job. In every process something comes in as something comes out. Electric power is something that comes in as raw materials come in, but while the raw materials are bought and used directly, the electric power undergoes a treatment to generate others energy inlets as cooling, compressed air, thermic power etc. Most of the things are inlets and the main outlets are represented by the finish product and the wastes are often underestimate increasing unexpectedly the costs.