The first treatment that is performed is the impregnation of the reinforcement_The exclusive adopted system allows of a deep impregnation, from the most sensitive to the heavier reinforcement, difficult to be saturated, with results that favor the production, notably raising the quality of the finish product.


  1. Impregnation and Coating Vessel, heated by external coil and provided with over flow control to keep the compound level.
  2. A set of Full Driven Rollers inside heated by thermal oil, motorized by the means of different motors, that includes:
    1. Pre-Driven Rollers
    2. Squeezing Calender
    3. Deep rollers
    4. Strength Control Roller
    5. Thickness Rollers. Opening of squeezing calender and the thickness roller is done by the means of a fine eccentric shafts and the position is detected by a fine micro-sensor.
  3. Bridge Structure and Fumes Hood Conveyor set on top of the main frame, where are all the motors and the gearboxes to command the rotation of the rollers, the up-down of deep rollers, the thickness and the squeezing control.
  4. Distribution Group composed by a mobile device transversally guided to follow the membrane edge, provided with a recovery hopper for accumulating and leveling, a distributing driven conveyor belt and an adjustable laying hopper.
  5. Cooling floating trough