REINFORCEMENT is the core of the membrane and maximizes the membrane quality.Standard width is 100 cm for fiberglass mat and 101..103 cm for polyester, (depending the weight). The maximum width is 130 cm and max. Diameter 150 cm Internal core diameter 152 mm (6").


  1. Two unwinder carts allows to support and unwind the reinforcement rolls
  2. Splice Table provided with blocking group that automatically operates when the roll in process is finished. Besides, by the means of a device of alignment and a heated double junction press is possible to joint both polyester then fiberglass reinforcements by the use of a thermoplastic adhesive.
  3. Mono-column-type Looper with a capacity of about 100 m.. In case it needs to thread the reinforcement, the superior trolley can be unhooked and brought down to the floor using the mobile inferior trolley.
  4. First Driven Roller, to pull the reinforcement and control the traction strength of the reinforcement by the means of a dancer roller.
  5. Initial Edge Guide tangential type, complete with four idle rollers and hydraulic servo-actuator controlled by the means of an optical sensor.
  6. Rotary unwinder for second reinforcement.